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Forgiveness: The Most Improbable of Gifts

August 4, 2019 Preacher: Jeremy W Johnston Series: Psalter Sampler

Passage: Psalm 51

“Forgiveness: The Most Improbable of Gifts” (Psalm 51)


  • To forgive an offense is ultimately an offense against justice.
  • It is actually difficult to accept that you have been forgiven.

1) David’s sin (2 Samuel 11)

  • David serves as a prototypical sinner and Psalm 51 serves as a prototypical confession.

2) David’s confession (Psalm 51:1 – 9)

(a) Forgiveness is not about how big or how small your sin is… it’s about how big your your God is!

(b) We need to admit, as David admits, that only the Lord has the power to cleanse us from sin.

3) God’s response: God answers prayer! (vv. 10 – 19)

(a) Confessing your sins means confessing your saviour!

(b) For God’s glory He forgives; for His namesake He forgives!


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