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Foundations for the Fellowship of the Gospel

May 31, 2020 Preacher: Hagop Tchobanian Series: Philippians | A Fellowship Worthy of the Gospel

Passage: Philippians 1:1–11


When Paul sees the dangers that lie ahead of the Philippian church, what does he do? He reminds them of their transformed identity in Christ. With gratitude, he recalls the foundation of their fellowship. And he prays the priorities of the Gospel for them. This Sunday we dive into Philippians 1:1-11.

Click on the song to sing along to the YouTube version.

  1. Be Thou My VisionHigh King of heaven... Heart of my own heart, whatever befall Still by my vision, O Ruler of all. 
  2. Rock of AgesFrom thy wounded side which flowed, Be of sin the double cure, Save from wrath and make me pure. 
  3. In Christ Alone | No power of hell no scheme of man can ever pluck me from His hand!
  4. Turn Your Eyes | Turn your eyes to Jesus... to the hillside... to the morning... to the heavens our King will return for His own


  1. Open in prayer. Pray that God would bless those who have gathered in your home as you sing his praises, read his word, and listen to the sermon.
  2. Sing the first three songs above.
  3. Watch the sermon video of Philippians 1:1-11.
  4. Respond to the sermon in prayer. Ask if there are any prayer requests and pray for these accordingly.
  5. Sing the closing song: Turn Your Eyes.
  6. Close in prayer.

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