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Widen Your Hearts

December 26, 2020 Preacher: Paul McCallum Series: Stand Alone Sermon

Passage: 2 Corinthians 6

Do you feel as though you have been floundering in your faith lately? In 2 Cor. 6, the apostle Paul calls the church he planted to open their hearts to him, his teaching and example. He wants them to make room for him. Because as an apostle he speaks on behalf of God! This morning, we as a church are being called to open wide our hearts to Jesus. To have our heart's affections given to God alone. Ultimately, to trust and obey afresh.



  1. The prelude is there to listen to as you prepare to worship.
  2. Open in prayer. Pray that God would bless those who have gathered in your home as you sing his praises, read his word, and listen to the sermon.
  3. Sing the first two songs above.
  4. Watch the sermon video of 2 Cor. 6.
  5. Respond to the sermon in prayer. Ask if there are any prayer requests and pray accordingly.
  6. Sing the closing song: Trust and Obey.
  7. Close in prayer.


  1. Do you find your heart's affections closed to God and His word? In what area do you find your affections closed off to Him specifically?
  2. What area are you not trusting God in? Would Jesus say to you this morning, you are restricted by your own affections?
  3. C.A.R.: Take time to confess your restricted heart's affections. Accept His forgiveness in prayer. Request from Him transforming grace to change your heart and to obey.
  4. Who can you share this with in the church to hold you accountable and to encourage you to grow? Please take the time to do so. 


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