Worship Service | 10:30 | 284 Concession St.


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The Christian Life

This year (2019-2020) we study from the Bible the Christian Life at every stage of life: singleness, dating/courting, marriage, parenting, aging and dying. We will tackle these topics in light of the Bible and the Gospel in our adult Christian Education classes from 9:30-10:15 am on Sunday mornings. 

The Youth Class

During the same time, the youth are working through the New City Catechism. This class modernizes the ancient confession of faith in a question-answer format. And grants the youth a comprehensive grasp of the faith that has been once for all delivered. One of the advantages of this class is that the question and answers have been turned into songs. This allows both the parents and the church to work together in pointing the youth to Christ.

The Children's Class

The children participate in age-appropriate lessons from the Bible with the main target of making the Gospel plain. They also learn new songs together and make crafts.