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The Cry of the Cursed Christ!

April 10, 2020 Preacher: Hagop Tchobanian Series: Sermons for Easter

Topic: Good Friday Passage: Mark 15:33–39

Why do Christians glory in the cross? Why do we commemorate the death of God the Son as Good Friday? Because it is at the cross where we find our only hope of forgiveness. It is at the cross we see Christ crucified because of us and for us! It is at the cross of Christ we are welcomed into God's presence and family. Today we look at Mark 15.33-39. As we do, may God encourage you to be reminded of God's love that led Jesus to the cross for you.

Click on the song to sing along to the YouTube version. 

  1. O Sacred Head Now Wounded | This hymn was written in the 12 century. Christians for centuries have been singing "What thou, my Lord, has suffered was all for sinner's gain." United with the church of the past we continue to sing!  
  2. There is a Fountain Filled with BloodLyrics & Cords | Our hope is in the sacrificial death and shed blood of Christ. Here we lose all our guilty stains!
  3. What Wondrous Love is This | What drove Christ to the cross for us?
  4. Jesus Thank You| We thank Jesus for His death for us! Thank you Jesus!


  1. Open in prayer. Pray that God would bless those who have gathered in your home as you sing his praises, read his word, and listen to the sermon.
  2. Sing the first three songs above.
  3. Watch the sermon video of Mark 15.
  4. Respond to the sermon in prayer. Ask if there are any prayer requests and pray for these accordingly.
  5. Sing the closing song: Jesus Thank You.
  6. Close in prayer.


  1. How would you feel if someone else deliberately took the punishment for something serious you had done wrong?
  2. Which of the reactions to Jesus’ death is most like your reaction?
  3. Jesus said he came “to give his life as a ransom” for sinners (Mark 10:45). What will you do with your sin?

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